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Closed Hospitalization Unit

Inpatients are hospitalized in three units on the ground floor and 1st floor of our Center. These units converge towards the nursing section and differentiate into a neurological and orthopedic unit for both functional and therapeutic purposes.
The neurological unit treats neurological cases such as: stroke, craniocerebral injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, extrapyramidal syndrome, polyritis, etc.
In the orthopedic unit patients are hospitalized after major surgeries, patients with paraplegia, accidents at work, athletic injuries, chronic pain syndromes, rheumatism, etc.
Patient grouping improves the provision of services by medical and nursing staff due to the continuous acquisition of experience and also helps to socialize patients with each other through exchange of information on their illness.
The treatment team of our Center is present in a wide range of diseases that require rehabilitation and care at our facilities. Trust, courtesy, and sympathy for the patient is the criterion for nursing staff to work in Rehabilitation, as well as the specific qualifications of employees so that staff are fully scientifically and technically trained, competent and reliable. Specialized patient care at a rehabilitation center has different requirements and needs from nursing staff compared to daily care in hospital facilities. In order to receive the necessary care for the individual situation, in Rehabilitation we treat our patients according to their injuries and illnesses, as well as the stages of their disease development in different departments.