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Patient Traffic Office

Our mission to the Patient Traffic Office is the smooth management of each patient's import in our Center, the ticket issuing and discharge, the monitoring and ensuring patients' insurance coverage, in order to reimburse the cost of hospitalization by the insurer or by the patient himself.
The Traffic Office is not just another point of service for patients. It is the center of organization and coordination of all sections of the Rehabilitation. In particular, it is responsible for the proper functioning of the Department of Emergency Situations, for the management of ambulances and vehicles of patients with external hospitalization, and also for the secretarial support. In addition, it undertakes the settlement of any financial issues and the better service of patients and their escorts.
Finally, the Movement Office collects useful statistical data on open and closed hospitalization.

Secretary's Office

The Secretary's office in Rehabilitation works as a patient point of service and as a center for organizing and coordinating basic clinical functions with multiple Tasks:

  • It deals with the administrative part of patient trafficking.
  • It is in constant and immediate contact with the patient to arrange the import / export documents, his insurance coverage, the issuance of any attestations concerning the hospitalization, and the planning of the review where necessary.
  • It has absolute oversight of both the Center's procedures and the procedures and rules applicable to the insurance funds, EOPYY announcements, pricing, etc.
  • It carries out detailed records of hospitalization data, maintains and records the schedule of re-examinations and records of each patient's medical operations in the Center's computerized system.

Our goal is always customer-centric service and the simplification of all procedures in order to ensure as much as possible the patient's comfortable stay at our Center. Let's not forget that the secretary is the "first acquaintance" and the "welcome" of the patient and his companions in the clinic!