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Social Service

The Social Worker is an integral part of the healthcare team. His mission in Rehabilitation is to help patients and their families find solutions to many problems and difficult situations in life but mainly to deal adequately with the new challenges and the various problems caused by the illness and the changes it brings to their lives. He fully understands the effects of patient's illness and the corresponding changes in his life. The services he provides are confidential.

Department of Social Service:

  • Takes care of responsible patients support.
  • Searches for and investigates the causes of the problems and informs other health professionals appropriately for the best and most effective patient handling.
  • Takes care of addressing social problems in general, within the framework of the current social policy of the State.

The Social Worker in health care:

  • Contributes to the prevention / treatment of emotional or socio-economic problems, states of physical or mental health impairment, difficult situations in their environment that make diagnostic work or the application of treatment measures difficult.
  • Exercises Social Work at supportive, counseling and therapeutic level and aims at the emotional discharge of the patient and the understanding and treatment of these emotions.

In Rehabilitation the Social Worker:

With patient

  • He is a contributor to his smooth adjustment of the hospital environment.
  • He listens with genuine interest, understanding and confidentiality to his problem.
  • He talks with him about his feelings, his health, his family, his work and his social environment.
  • He informs him about his rights.
  • He helps to prevent and treat his emotional, psychosocial and economic problems.
  • He explores the socioeconomic conditions of his living that may affect his health issues.
  • He prepares him and his relatives to accept the illness and the necessity of the treatment measures to be taken.
  • He informs him about his rights during the procedure for the issue of invalidity benefits, disability pensions and invalidity rates, if the conditions for their application are in place.

With relatives - escorts

He seeks to promote and contribute to maintaining constructive communication between relatives - patients, relatives - therapists and liaising with the management of our Center.

Through interdisciplinary collaboration

He works with other health care professions to provide optimal patient services.